• Michigan Advanced Energy Storage (MiAES)

    Michigan Advanced Energy Storage (MiAES)

    A complete change-up of the site included design and original and curated content to support this Michigan partner initiative that positions the state as a leading force in global advanced energy storage.

  • Corporationfor a Skilled Workforce

    Corporation for a Skilled Workforce

    We laid down a brand-solid, engaging format and framework for CSW’s knowledge-leading staff to publish commentary and report outcomes on how their projects impact the region’s skilled workforce development.

  • The Henry Ford

    The Henry Ford

    A blog redesign and original content creation increased engagement and ease for users to access what they wanted. We tripled the traffic, sharing and the time spent on pages – significantly bumping up THF’s presence in the social space.

  • The Fillmore

    The Fillmore

    Resonating the vibe that lives in this San Francisco icon, the talents it’s showcased and the audience it continues to draw, we matched its site design with its solid brand and history – all with a rich back-end support.

  • Live Nation Faster Horses

    Live Nation Faster Horses

    Analytics led this mobile-culture responsive, full ground-up design-build. With increased brand-appeal and a current look-and-feel, this custom WordPress CMS lets the client easily manage its dynamic content.

  • Detroit Jobs Alliance (DJA)

    Detroit Jobs Alliance (DJA)

    We targeted the technology DJA needed to unite a network of organizations into a centralized grid as a touch point. The site is mobile, owner- and user-friendly, and it points to info from multiple sources with a unified front.

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As with most things subterranean, a lot of what Pitch Black Media does is kept in the dark. Confidentiality keeps us from naming names of a certain major auto manufacture, a major sports memorabilia brand and others, but those we can bring into the light include …

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