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THURSDAY 06/25/2015

Things We Found #2


A personal project by San Francisco designer and aspiring farmer Do-Hee Kim, 100 Days of Fonts is a creative journey showcasing 100 straight days of unique pairing of design and code for Google fonts.





The page fascinatingly blends inspirational and life-learning quotes with various color palettes, font types and design styles to create a page you can’t help scrolling through until you lose track of time. The designs are pretty spectacular themselves, even when considered without the fonts.




100 Days of Font was inspired by the 100 Days Project and has been going strong since it began. Check back often, it’s definitely a destination for simple design and imaginative type inspiration.




Ever wonder where that terribly 90s cup got it’s start? You know, the one in every hole-in-the-wall pizza joint and local bowling alley? Reddit users went on the hunt for the designer of this classic. It took some digging and real Sherlock work before finding Gina Ekiss, the unsung hero.


(Photo: Nathan Papes/News-Leader)


The “Jazz” design has transcended tableware and moved into the mainstream. It’s made the jump to clothing, hats, stationary, calendars and oddly enough even cars were wrapped in the scribble design.






Think you can beat our scores?

Eric: 537

Myryah: 343

Son: 516

Nellie: 487

Aaron: 544

Matt: 571

Kristi: 557

Gary: 514

Sean: 560




An ongoing project by HunterGatherer, Subway Syntax perfectly captures the goings-on of the NYC subway. The project turns every commuter’s underground feelings from day-to-day into a fun – and so true it’s funny – representation using wooden figures and stop-motion animation.





Brooklyn photographer/writer, Wesley Verhoeve, started One of Many to show other creatives, small business owners, and masters of craft that they are part of a growing movement, a shift toward taking the path less traveled. He aims to inspire others teetering with a new career path to seize the opportunity and know that there are others there to help them along the way. Reinforcing his decree: One of Many.


One of Many is a grand portrait of twelve creative towns across the country and the compelling people that helped build them. The project captures the stories of all creatives: designers, chefs, woodworkers, farmers, engineers, restaurateurs, writers, coffee makers and anyone else producing work that makes people stop and think. The project focuses on New Orleans, Madison, Savannah, Portland (OR), Nashville, Denver, Charleston, Seattle, Austin, Portland (ME), Salt Lake City and Detroit.



Each city on the site holds a collection of stories from people Verhoeve has come across, and others that reached out to him. He’s completed his search in each of the cities, but continues taking referrals for new creatives to profile. So far, seven of the twelve cities have been published, with the rest set to go out – one per month – through September. Inspiring work.